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Discussion in 'Open Forum' started by ron19, Jul 13, 2012.

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    bowen - looked much like the same cat as last
    year...finisher, blow by driver, not shifty with it, will forgo jumpers,
    doesn't like pull ups. active.

    much like the same guy

    - struggled a bit vs md's len and his length. timing was off
    accordingly. also seemed to favor the knee a tad. not 100% imo.
    shouldn't be expected to be.

    starks - did his thing. period.
    dropped over 30 points. played solid def vs tray, who he constantly
    battled physically. those two go at it like that in workouts/pick up.
    good competition. shot well, pulled up, drove, found, led.

    - loves to bully his way to cup. still not shooting mid ranger. needs
    to work on that. handle has improved, but imo still not pg caliber.
    competes. always.

    dsr - put on a solid offensive show..bulling
    to rim, hitting long ball spot up, pulling up with step backs. def was
    so so. also when team was in danger of giving up lead, didn't really
    step up. another nitpick...too many dribbles on his moves. 8-9 doesn't

    whitt - shot pretty well...he has that. talked some junk to free. still must get stronger, and be more assertive.

    adams - walk on. unsure which year. quick. can shoot fairly least his form is not broke per se. good walkon guy.

    caprio - didn't see the ups from before. has gotten bigger. battles. checked sec of education arne duncan. hahaha

    free - shot is butter. looks in good condition

    jon wally - shot ok..wasn't knockdown. made some plays. looked a little slower. and bigger

    - physically dominant INSIDE, where he pounded towards the rim with
    physical play. was impressed with that. true, hye was playing a skinny
    au cat, but he DID it. clearly has gotten stronger.
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    Aug 6, 2001
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    2nd posting:

    forgot about bolden icey...

    hes bolden...same cat
    as before. loves to shoot jumpers. doesn't bang. NO, let me take that
    back..tried to go to the cup SOMETIMES, but didn't have strength to
    finish or get shot off.

    an alum told me he was gonna talk to him about playing with more force.

    agree about tray. needs a mid ranger...

    agree about whitt...does float. and needs to get tougher/stronger
    (think i said that)...will get bumped off spot. but has talent!

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